The Heart & Soul of A Single Girl + Free eBook


The Heart and Soul of a Single Girl is a devotional that I have had on my heart for years. It is a desire that I believe God has given me to create and share with other single Christian girls! I wish in my single years that I would have had someone share these words with me.


Through this devotional I have written letters to you sharing my heart, some of my personal journal entries, words of encouragement, challenges, and a whole lot of wisdom and truth from the Word of God.


Sister, being single isn’t a burden. Honestly, it’s a beautiful opportunity to fall in love with Jesus, learn to love yourself, take adventures, build beautiful healthy friendships, learn to set boundaries, and make so many memories. Your life is a gift - take every opportunity to embrace it!


God knows your heart! He sees the dreams, Sister. He planted those dreams in your heart. He has given you passions and desires for a reason. Take this season and let Him love you the way He has always desired to. When you’re ready, and He’s got the right guy out there for you, He will let him take your hand.


Over the next thirty days, I pray you learn about yourself, encounter God in a beautiful way, and find healing and hope. Mostly, I pray you grow in your faith and confidence as a chosen daughter of the King!


This devotional came out of one of my hardest seasons in life, as walked through healing, hope and restoration. I pray you find healing, hope and restoration yourself as you journey through the next 30 days.


Sister, you’ve got this! I believe in you, and I am proud of you. You have no idea how much I am praying for your heart!

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