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Our churches are declining. The gospel is distorted. The secular culture seems to set the standard for morality. We are consumed with materialism and bondage to sin. The world is in chaos, and we are trying our best not to be sucked into the wide road of fear. But God is right in the middle of it all, waiting for our surrendered heart. We are up against a powerful force that has been in opposition to the power of God since the fall of man. As Dane uncovers the writings of Hosea, we will see the plan for our future take shape. Through Danes personal testimony and his biblical perspective, he will help you to find freedom in Christ that will lead you to understand your purpose. We will defeat our nemesis that has been hiding in plain site.     


Beloved friends, what should be our response to God's marvellous mercies? I encourage you to surrender yourselves to God to be his sacred, living sacrifices. And live in holiness, experiencing all that delights his heart. For this becomes your genuine expression of worship. Romans 12:1

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