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Not every story has two sides and hidden plots. Mine does, and the duplicity of the world I was raised in is shocking. I’m talking about the hidden, secret, subtly deceptive realm of the Occult, the earth's underlying kingdom of darkness.
This story is one that exposes evil for what it really is, under the lies, behind the deception. These words bring hidden darkness into the light. I was hidden there, caught in a masquerade and broken apart by extreme dissociation. Not by choice—by force. But I was not destined to remain in darkness. God knew my name and called me His own long before I was born. It was just a matter of time before He uncovered who I truly was.
Inside these covers lies a powerful true story of two clashing kingdoms, God's undeniable love, and the power of saying "Yes" to Him when everything seems impossible. He found me. He didn't stop until I was free and healed. And He loves you with that same untameable force.

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